Why attending Enterprising Women in Tech event?
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Why attending Enterprising Women in Tech event?

You see all these events and you wonder why to attend our event? Let me give you some very good reasons!

In Celebration of Women’s Entrepreneurship Day 2016, WeHubs is promoting “Enterprising Women in Tech” event in Brussels, next Thursday 17th November.

Attend, if you are:

  • Women Web Entrepreneur (WWEs)
  • Business Support Organisation (BSOs)
  • Interested in learning mentoring methodology to support women ICT entrepreneurs
  • Interested in promoting female entrepreneurship
  • Policy Makers
  • Women Association


  • Learn from Members of the European Parliament about trends on the EU political agenda at EU level.
  • Learn about funding opportunities for the promotion of more women to become entrepreneurs in the ICT sector.
  • Get inspired from WeHubs Success Stories and the most promising ideas selected from the WeHubs Ideas Competition.
  • Learn how to provide more tailored services to women entrepreneurs from top players.

Do you need more reasons to attend the event and join our community?

Be part of a network with:

  • 300 Women Web Entrepreneurs (WWEs)
  • 90 Business Support Organisations (BSOs)
  • 30 Women Associations
  • 15 mentors
  • More than 9 nodes in Europe and there are more in the making right now

Stay tuned to learn more about our speakers!

Follow @WeHubs and #WomenInTech and don’t hesitate to spread the news!

Registration is free and possible until the 15th of November

Register here

Click here for the agenda