WeHubs in the Startup Europe Session

WeHubs in the Startup Europe Session

Meet WeHubs in the Startup Europe Session that will take place during the Net Futures 2015 event.

The session will focus on the foreseen activities that will be developed whiting the Startup Europe Team, more specifically: the development of the ICT13 project on Hubs of Startup, Scalups and Corporate launched by youngsters and females fail and succeed in developing high-growth innovation potential in Europe.

In this session WeHubs will organize a workshop on «Combining a specific female entrepreneurs community and a global innovative entrepreneurs network» moderated by Philippe Vanrie and Laura Lecci from EBN, WeHubs Project Coordinator.

Start date: 25/03/2015

End date: 26/03/2015

Location: Brussels, Belgium

For more information click here: http://netfutures2015.eu/programme/startup-europe/