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Click on the dots to see our partner network!

Click on the dots to see our partner network!

Welcome to the WeHubs Network! This map shows all partners participating in the WeHubs network. After building our 6 initial local hubs in France, Germany, Greece, Lebanon, Norway and in the UK, we are delighted to welcome our latest hubs: Slovenia, Lithuania, Malta, Sweden, Austria. Check the map to know more about them. The WeHubs partners provide women web entrepreneurship with support either by offering specialized services for women or by adopting a gender dimension in their current service portfolio, directly or through the network of partners. Click on the locations to see the partners/organisations participating in the WeHubs network.

All existing hubs can be joined, please contact us to expand existing ones, or even better… expand the European Community and start your own Hub now!

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To initiate a new local node, please register here and send a direct email to info@wehubs.eu indicating your location, your contact details, a short description of your organisation and your target group. You will shortly receive an email from us with details about how to set up a new local hub.

To be part of the existing local hubs please register here and send an email directly to the coordinator of your local hub, providing a (i) short description of your organisation, (ii) your target group and (iii) your contact details.

Paris Nodes

Local Hub Coordinator: InterInnov

Contact person: Geraldine I. Quetin, gquetin@interinnov.eu

Berlin Nodes

Local Hub Coordinator: Media Deals

Contact person: Perrine Hamon, phamon@media-deals.org

UK Nodes

Local Hub Coordinator: Enterprising Women

Contact person: Bev Hurley, bev@enterprising-women.org

Norway Nodes

Local Hub Coordinator: ECWT

Contact person: Eva Fabry, eva.fabry@womenandtechnology.eu

Thessaloniki and Athens Nodes

Local Hub Coordinator: ViLabs

Contact person: Eirini Kalemaki, e.kalemaki@vilabs.eu

Beirut Nodes

Local Hub Coordinator: Berytech

Contact person: Joanna Abi Abdallah, jabiabdallah@berytech.org


BEA supports Innovative SME development and non-profit microfinancing. BEA was founded by the Budapest City Council in 1993 and its president was the ministerial commissioner for women employment and entrepreneurs. BEA is one of the few European SME development organizations that provide both low-amount (below 32,000 EUR) financial services for micro entrepreneurs and non-financial, business development services to SMEs.

Especially, BEA has an EU level best practice in supporting female entrepreneurship as it launched a special microloan in which woman entrepreneurs, especially startups can get up to 25.000 EUR to start their business. Those one are supported who are not financed by banks. It is tailored to people who provide a service, like women in digital sector and startups. Women clients have a special role in the programme as they pay less interest rate than others. According to the latest statistics, the 70% of the loan receivers are women.

Target group: Women and young entrepreneurs

Contact details: Mónika Alíz Mészáros, BUDAPEST ENTERPRISE AGENCY (BEA)





Paris WeHubs Nodes, coordinated by InterInnov and Founder Institute Europe

InterInnov (Hub Coordinator)

Consulting company specialised in public affairs and international innovation, specifically in the ICT sector.

Target group: IT Entrepreneurs and startups

Contact details: jmagen@interinnov.eu, InterInnov

Duchess France

A Business support organisation aiming to enhance and promote female developers and tech women: give visibility, create new vocations, share knowledge through technical events, guide them in preparing workshops, answering calls and tenders, training for pitches, etc.

Target group: Developers and women with technical profiles

Contact details: duchessfr@gmail.com, Duchess France

ESSEC - Entreprendre au feminin

Business support organisation offering training based on innovative e-learning for a better customized training.

Target group: Single woman or in a (mixed) team carrying an advanced project or an emerging idea

Contact details: Beaufort@essec.fr, ESSEC

Femmes Business Angels

The first European Business Angels network composed only by women and providing seed capital and mentoring to start-up ventures, mainly in France.

Target group: Business women who seek to promote the decision making power of women in the economy

Contact details: contact@femmesbusinessangels.org, Femmes Business Angels

Founder Institute

International early-stage startup accelerator and global launch network that helps entrepreneurs create meaningful and enduring technology companies.

Target group: Early stage businesses

Contact details: Founder Institute

Girls in Tech Paris

Focused on the engagement, education and empowerment of influential women in technology.

Target group: Tech women entrepreneurs

Contact details: Girls in Tech Paris


French association willing to promote and enhance women in the digital and new technologies.

Target group: Tech women (in digital and IT)

Contact details: hello@girlzinweb.com, GirlzInWeb


Offers coaching and workshops to encourage women creating a business.

Target group: Women starting or willing to launch a business

Contact details: f.guediracourtin@interhorizon.fr, InterHorizon

Paris Pionnieres

Incubator that supports and hosts innovative women entrepreneurs.

Target group: Women entrepreneurs Paris based

Contact details: jeveuxlancermastartup@pionnieres.paris, Paris Pionnieres


Paris agency for economic development and innovation. It fosters the Parisian innovation ecosystem through the incubation of startups, the organisation of events and the cooperation between startups and global players.

Target group: Startups

Contact details: Paris&Co

Social Builder

To enhance diversity and equality Women-Men by developing innovative actions related to young professionals and spreading good practices (helping to project it in GAFA - Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon). The association facilitates the emergence of ideas for gender equality with future generations of leaders, and organizes the annual Forum JFNUM.

Target group: Young women

Contact details: Emmanuelle@socialbuilder.org, Social Builder, forum@socialbuilder.org, http://jeunesfemmesetnumerique.com/

Led By HER

Led By HER is a nonprofit incubator created in partnership with two business schools, the IESEG School of Management and ESCP (and the support of companies including DELL, AXA, Orange, BNP Paribas, BAIN) in Paris, France to support women who have suffered from violence build their entrepreneurial projects. Through the support of over 200 volunteers Led By HER offers a yearlong program of courses and workshops, an individual mentoring program, as well as events organized in cooperation with the entrepreneurial ecosystem to support women entrepreneurs. Led by HER's sponsor is Axelle Lemaire, Minister for Digital Affairs in the Ministry for the Economy.

Target group: female entrepreneurs

Contact details: ccondi@gmail.com, Led By HER

Athens WeHubs Nodes, coordinated by ViLabs


Through its three-tier program, The Lab – The Accelerator – The Hub, Metavallon seeks to motivate entrepreneurs, empower them, expose them to experienced entrepreneurs, experts and investors, and provide them with the necessary resources to start and skyrocket their own businesses. It offers education and training, entrepreneurial models and mentorship, networking and access to startup financing.

Target group: Early stage entrepreneurs

Contact details: connect@metavallon.org, Metavallon

Women on Top

Mentoring network for women from all professional fields, offering semi-structured mentoring relationships, networking opportunities and professional development workshops and information.

Target group: Professional women of all ages, entrepreneurs, women seeking employment, candidate women mentors

Contact details: Info@womenontop.gr, Women on Top

The Nest

Business Support Centre for social enterprises start-ups offering incubation, acceleration and education services.

Target group: Social entrepreneurs, women innovators in social enterprises

Contact details: f.zafeiropoulou@thenest.org, The Nest

Impact Hub Athens

Impact Hub Athens is bringing together people who, through responsible and sustainable initiatives, can bring change. It offers friendly, comfortable and inspiring spaces to work, meet, learn and hold events that connect and inspire people. It fosters a culture of constant interconnection between its members, networking, inspiration and collaboration through events, workshops, frequent presentations and discussions with distinguished people from all fields of work.

Target group: social entrepreneurs, innovators, start-ups, NGOs

Contact details: athens.hosts@impacthub.net

Athens Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation (ACEin)

ACEin is a Business and Innovation support center of the University of Athens and operates as an incubator of teams and businesses.

Target group: Business teams, startups, investors

Contact details: acein@aueb.gr, http://acein.aueb.gr/

Code it Like a Girl

Code it Like a Girl organizes workshops that familiarize women with coding in order for them to obtain valuable technological skills and bridge the gender gap in the IT industry. Our intention is to become a hub where women will come together, share ideas and use their technological skills for innovative problem-solving.

Target group: Women of all ages, entrepreneurs, women seeking employment, women innovators

Contact details: Code it Like a Girl


Found.ation is a leading startup enabling platform for tech-oriented products & services in SE Europe. We operate our own proprietary company launchpad, designed to defeat toxic startup environments and to build scalable businesses, by providing end-to-end support & guidance to ambitious teams for the first 12 to 18 months.

Target group: entrepreneurs, women innovators, start-ups

Contact details: info@thefoundation.gr, FOUND.ATION

The Cube

A new startup cluster and innovation space in the heart of the city, hosting the best of Athens’ innovators in the technology and making space. Bolstered by its core management team, its partnerships with technology training institutes, an investment fund, technology user groups and the maker movement, The Cube will stand out as a hub of innovation and ‘the place’ to be or hang out for the doers of our city.

Aim of the Cube is to provide high quality facilities and tools to work with. It is a very active community where you could build your network and find different ways to turn your ideas into reality.

Target group: entrepreneurs, women innovators, start-ups, business team

Contact details: hello@thecube.gr, The Cube

Thessaloniki WeHubs Nodes, coordinated by ViLabs

ViLabs (Hub Coordinator)

It operates both as a research and innovation laboratory and as a start-up HUB in the field of Information and Communication Technology (ICT).

Target group: young scientists and start-ups

Contact details: e.kalemaki@vilabs.eu, ViLabs


Technopolis is a business incubator providing the necessary infrastructure, support services and financial support to innovative companies in order to ensure their success and viability in the marketplace.

Target group: ICT start-ups

Contact details: info@technopolis.gr, Technopolis

coho - the coworking home

coho is an inspired coworking space located in the city center. Coho offers networking and collaboration opportunities, hosts tech meetups, bootcamps, entrepreneurship events, contests and hackathons. In coho professionals, freelancers and business start-ups may share business infrastructure and develop.

Target group: students, freelancers, startups

Contact details: coworking@coho.gr, coho


A collaborative space for young entrepreneurs who want to develop their business idea. It offers amodern space for innovative cooperation, networking with experienced entrepreneurs and experts, workshops and individual consulting support in matters such as: Business planning, tax services, IPR, marketing, pitching etc.

Target group: Young people, Start ups

Contact details: info@thessinnozone.gr, ThessMart INNOHUB

Innovation Farm

Innovation Farm works with teams, individuals, companies and organisations to foster innovative practices, services and products. Our services include engagement of local communities to identify and develop talent, assist in building ventures of all sizes, on regional, national and international levels, grow synergies with relevant actors to facilitate and optimise success results.

Target group: Start-ups

Contact details: aspys@innovationfarm.eu, Innovation Farm

Systasi Consulting

Systasi Consulting is a small consulting firm ready to support innovative entrepreneurs in all sectors both directly - via consulting services - as well as indirectly - by contributing to the development of regional initiatives and promotion of open innovation.

Target group: Entrepreneurs, SMEs, Researchers

Contact details: psarra@systasi-consulting.gr, Systasi Consulting

Business Mentality

BUSINESS MENTALITY aims to contribute to creating a friendly business environment and strengthen the culture of children and communities in relation to entrepreneurship which will lead societies themselves to sustainable economic development.

Target group: entrepreneurs, freelancers, students

Contact details: info@business-mentality.com, Business Mentality

Greek Association of Women Entrepreneurs – SEGE

SEGE is active in improving and increasing the involvement of women in business activity by providing to them all the information and assistance that is needed to ease their career.

Target group: Women entrepreneurs

Contact details: info@sege.gr, SEGE

Alexander Innovation Zone (A.I.Z. S.A.)

The Innovation Zone is a contemporary tool for the scientific, technological and entrepreneurial development of a region or of an entire country. Greece is already building the foundations for such development, its centre being the Thessaloniki Innovation Zone with the aim of turning Thessaloniki into an international centre for the development of knowledge and knowledge-based entrepreneurship over the next few years.

Target group: entrepreneurs, women innovators, start-ups

Contact details: info@thessinnozone.gr, Alexander Innovation Zone

Berlin WeHubs Nodes, coordinated by Media Deals

Media Deals (Hub coordinator)

Media Deals is a pan-European investor network gathering business angels and early-stage venture capital funds focusing on Creative Industries and digital media.

Target group: Startups in creative industries

Contact details: Media Deals

German Tech Entrepreneurship Center

GTEC is Germany’s first open campus to unite technology entrepreneurship organisations, resources and expertise in one place. They developed the Tech All Stars initiative which connects the 12 best European startups with the necessary resources to drive their businesses to the next stage of growth and to scale up dramatically.

Target group: Entrepreneurs in tech

Contact details: lm@gtec.berlin, GTEC

media.net berlinbrandenburg

Media.net berlinbrandenburg is the cross-sectoral business association of the creative industries in the capital region - ranging from music, film, TV and multimedia to advertising and design.

Target group: Entrepreneurs in the media industry

Contact details: peters@medianet-bb.de, media.net

IBB - Investitionsbank Berlin

IBB is the business development and promotion bank of the Federal Land of Berlin. With its newly orientated business development and support policy, it is actively helping Berlin to become established as a centre for business and industry.

Target group: Founders of companies

Contact details: Anvita.Mudkani@ibb-bet.de


EIT Digital is a leading European open innovation organisation. Their mission is to foster digital technology innovation and entrepreneurial talent for economic growth and quality of life in Europe.

Target group: Entrepreneurs, IT students, researchers, engineers and business developers

Contact details: dominik.krabbe@eitdigital.eu, EIT Digital


Betahaus is a co-working space in Berlin which hosts every week around 50 events, to connect peers and support personal and entrepreneurial development. They host the Grunderinnenfruhstuck, an initiative of the Federal Ministry for Economy and Energy, which gathers together several women entrepreneurs and politicians for a monthly breakfast.

Target group: Entrepreneurs

Contact details: iva@betahaus.de, Betahaus

Berlin Partner - Startup Unit

Berlin Partner’s mission is to provide business and technology support for companies, investors and scientific institutions in Berlin.

Target group: Entrepreneurs willing to implement their start-ups in Berlin

Contact details: Hohoff, Olivia, Berlin partner


It is a platform action day dedicated to women interested in working in the digital fields, networking and recruitment possibilities with coaching sessions, workshops and conferences.

Target group: Women web entrepreneurs

Contact details: ruth.lemmen@womenize.de, Womenize

Lithuania WeHubs Nodes, coordinated by MIT

Moterys Ir Technologijos (Hub Coordinator)

MIT is a national initiative on “Women and Technology” designed to encourage students to take an active interest of self-expression and career opportunities in IT, to pay attention to women-friendly employment opportunities in this sector, to familiarize the public with the most successful Lithuanian IT experts, and support women professionals to enhance their skills and knowledge.

Target group: girls and women

Contact details: MIT

Center for Equality Advancement

Center for Equality Advancement ? Vilnius-based NGO carrying its work since 2003. For more than 10 years they change stereotypes for women to feel safer. They organize informational campaigns, advocacy, provide training courses and seminars, publish articles, manuals and other publications, carry out research, provide expertise on the themes of gender equality, diversity and human rights.

Target group: women society

Contact details: Contact details: Center for Equality Advancement

BPW, International Federation of Business and Professional Women (LT branch)

BPW mission is “Making a Difference Through Leadership and Action”. BPW International was founded in 1930. It has grown to an international network of 30000 members in 100 countries. There are 5 regions to manage this large organization: North America, Latin America, Europe, Africa and Asia Pacific. BPW Vilnius seek to encourage and develop professional, business and leadership potential of women delivering consultation, training, networking, competence development possibilities in Lithuania and worldwide.

Target group: women interested in leadership

Contact details: BPW, Facebook page

EWN, Lithuanian Business Women network (“Lietuvos Moteru verslo tinklas”)

A women's network aimed at supporting female entrepreneurship in Europe was launched by EUROCHAMBRES, the association of European chambers of commerce and industry. The purpose of the network is to establish a European platform of information to promote equal opportunity rights and professional women's viewpoints and interests, with a view to increasing their participation in business, and accelerating the entrepreneurial process.

Lithuanian Chamber of Commerce association (LPPARA), non - governmental and a non - profit seeking organization and its Kaunas branch, one of the five chambers of commerce in Lithuania were initiators of launching Lithuanian Business Women network in Lithuania, in 2008. Now operating in five regions EWN network aims to represent their members women entrepreneurs priorities and aspirations. All these are focused to three directions: i) to help women to start their business, ii) encourage women business development initiatives and their involvement into the decision-making processes; iii) bring more possibilities for women to develop their skills and competences via different trainings.

Target group: women in traditional business

Contact details: EWN

Online Media association

Lithuanian online media association which members are the biggest Internet news Portals. The association is advocating to policy makers on digital policies of various public sector and Society lifestyle domains.

Target group: internet users, internet content providers

Slovenia WeHubs Nodes, coordinated by EIM

Economic Institute Maribor (Hub Coordinator)

EIM is a privately owned company, operating on a non-profit basis. Its main activities include professional support services for SMEs, regional development, economic research and development, and HR development. eim has a status of Regional SME Promotion Centre and VEM Point (One-Stop- Shop for SMEs in Slovenia) operating under the national network of VEM points coordinated by SPIRIT, the Public Agency for Entrepreneurship, Internationalisation, Foreign Investments and Technology.

Target group: SMEs and Startups

Contact details: vida.perko@eim-mb.si, EIM

Malta WeHubs Nodes


ASCEND CONSULTING is a boutique consultancy specialised in innovation management, business development, internationalisation facilitation and access to finance (grants, loans and equity). We provide advice, guidance and assistance all along the business and project life-cycle process, from strategic and operational reviews, market research, feasibility and viability assessment, to strategy and business planning, and then to project management, implementation support and/or review. ASCEND CONSULTING is recognized and collaborates in this sense with a number of national stakeholders, from the Malta Council for Science and Technology, Malta Communications Authority, to the Government’s Measures and Support Division implementing the Business Enhance ERDF support schemes for SMEs in Malta.

Although based in Malta, ASCEND CONSULTING is active across Europe, with a particular focus on supporting and facilitating the significant potential for technology transfer, collaboration, market expansion and internationalisation existing across Europe. This is particularly relevant for Malta as a small island state at the southern edge of the EU Single Market, however also given its potential to serve as a "stepping-stone" to the fast growing African and Gulf-states markets.

Target group: enterprises, particularly SMEs, startups and entrepreneurs

Contact details: Anamaria Magri Pantea, Managing Consultant

UK WeHubs Nodes, coordinated by Enterprising Women

Enterprising Women (Hub coordinator)

EW is a Community for women to discuss, share, inform and comment on "Everything Enterprising" and much more.

Target group: women entrepreneurs

Contact details: EW

WEConnect International

A global organisation working with corporates and women-owned business to improve supplier diversity and helping women owned business connect into corporate supply chains.

Target group: women-owned businesses, large companies

Contact details: WEConnect International

St. Johns Innovation Centre

St. Johns is at the heart of the technology cluster and a regional centre of excellence. It supports growth businesses through office space, business advice, training and introductions, including into the Enterprise Europe Network.

Target group: SMEs, particularly digital

Contact details: St. Johns Innovation Centre

Santander Breakthrough

A business accelerator programme providing events, specialist finance, export and graduate support.

Target group: SMEs with turnovers of £500,000

Contact details: Santander Breakthrough


Wayra is a start-up accelerator owned by Telefonica Open Future_, a global entrepreneurship and innovation network, providing office space, mentoring, coaching and finance.

Target group: new technology entrepreneurs

Contact details: Wayra


Women in Rural Enterprise is a national network promoting rural businesswomen and providing business support and access to the 50 WiRE peer networks across the UK.

Target group: female entrepreneurs

Contact details: WiRE

The Women’s Organisation

Based in the NorthWest of the UK the WO promotes and supports women’s individual and economic development through advice, training, events and clubs.

Target group: female entrepreneurs

Contact details: The Women’s Organisation

GetSet for Growth

GetSet for Growth is a national programme accelerating growth of ambitious SME’s through business strategy, market strategy and investment readiness support.

Target group: established businesses

Contact details: GetSet for Growth

University of East London

The UEL’s Centre for Women’s Entrepreneurship provides office space, networking, seminars and mentoring to help women build their business.

Target group: new and established female-owned business.

Contact details: University of East London

Outset CIC

Outset is a national start-up service specialising in working with individuals from disadvantaged backgrounds/deprived areas, online and face to face. Over 50% of its start-ups are female.

Target group: start-ups

Contact details: Outset CIC

Angel Academe

Angel Academe are a pro-women angel investment group focussed on supporting women-founded tech businesses. Half their angels are women.

Target group: high growth potential digital female entrepreneurs

Contact details: Angel Academe

Women’s Enterprise Scotland

WES inspire and support women to start and grow their own businesses, advise partners, influence policy-makers and advocate for gender-specific enterprise support.

Target group: policy makers and influencers, female owned business

Contact details: Women’s Enterprise Scotland


MSDUK is the UK’s leading non-profit membership organisation driving inclusive procurement. We promote the ethos of diversity and inclusion in public and private sector supply chains by identifying and introducing innovative and entrepreneurial ethnic minority owned businesses (EMBs).

Target group: Ethnic minority owned businesses

Contact details: mayank@msduk.org.uk, MSDUK

Norway WeHubs Nodes, coordinated by the European Centre of Women and Technology (ECWT)

European Centre for Women and Technology (Hub Coordinator)

ECWT is the leading multi-stakeholder based single point of contact in Europe for measurably and significantly increasing the number of girls and women in computing in education, workforce, entrepreneurship and leadership. The organization has 130+ member organizations, from public-private sector, academia and NGOs and operates National Point of Contacts in 24 countries. In the field of entrepreneurship the ultimate goal of ECWT is to identify and promote best-in- class women high-growth entrepreneurs in Europe.

Target group: women in technology

Contact details: ECWT

SIVA – Industrial Development Corporation of Norway

Siva is a public enterprise owned by the Norwegian Ministry of Trade and Fisheries. SIVA is part of the public funding agencies for innovation and work closely with Innovation Norway, the Norwegian Research Council and the Norwegian Patent Office. SIVA has 40 employees and is located in Trondheim. SIVA is a key actor in supporting also women/s entrepreneurship and innovation and has been involved in the biggest Norwegian support action targeting women.

Target group: innovators and entrepreneurs, both men and women

Website: SIVA

Oslo Business Region

Oslo is one of Europe/s fastest growing capitals and key to promote a diversified, and sustainable future economy for Norway. Oslo Business Region develops arenas, provides network and tools to support startups to successfully launch and grow their business ideas. OBR organizes Startup Days twice a month to be inspired, to share knowledge, to network, to speed-date and to get practical help to start your business. In 2014 800 entrepreneurs attended the activities. OBR organizes also pitching contests and events for startups. Admission is free.

Target group: entrepreneurs, both men and women

Website: Oslo Business Region

Business Region Bergen

The business start-up centre in Business Region Bergen offers courses and assistance for entrepreneurs. We offer courses and individual consultations in Norwegian and English.

Target group: entrepreneurs both men and women.

Website: Business Region Bergen

Start-Up Lab

Garage Technology Ventures and Norway’s StartupLab have partnered to offer Nordic startup companies a pathway to global success via Silicon Valley. The big idea behind the Silicon Valley Catalyst is to provide high potential emerging technology companies from the Nordic region with intensive support tailored to meet their specific needs. The primary elements of support include customer acquisition, team building, operational improvement, and financing. The Catalyst is not another accelerator or incubator program.

Target group: entrepreneurs both men and women.

Website: Start-Up Lab

Mash-Up Norway

MashUP is an Norwegian tech accelerator with the goal to increase innovation through helping small businesses and startups scale to the next level. Developing intrapreneur-ship in established business and make connections to startups. Making new arenas for smart funding; private capital, venture capital and crowdfunding. MashUP provides a 3- month-program which includes free office at the MashUP hub, access to our online community, business guidance from experienced mentors, relevant network in private and public sector to take entrepreneurs business to the next level.

Target group: entrepreneurs both men and women.

Website: Mash-Up Norway


The network is specialized on female entrepreneurs in two regions of Norway:

FemBiz West – covering the regions of Hordaland and Rogaland.

FemBiz North – covering the regions of Nordland, Troms and Finmark.

The support to members includes: networking, on-line B2B, coaching, webinars, video-courses.

Target group: female entrepreneurs

Website: FemBizNet

BOOST Global Innovation

BGI works with enterprises to build sustainable growth by integrating strategy development, innovation capabilities, and new growth initiatives. The company is founded as a project management consultancy (Athene Prosjektledelse).

Target group: entrepreneurs: women and men. BOOST has a long track-list of supporting women/s business-start-ups and the company itself is a 7-fold Norwegian gazelle company.

Website: BOOST Global Innovation

Driv Inkubator

The business incubator program based at Papirbredden Innovason, the regional innovation center in Drammen Norway is a SIVA partner targeting entrepreneurs with good growth potentials. DRIV offers support at the start-up phase for developing your project ideas as well as at the marketing and sales phase for companies interested in establishing themselves in Norway and globally.

Target group: entrepreneurs, both men and women

Website: Driv Inkubator

Beirut WeHubs Nodes, coordinated by Berytech

Berytech (Hub Coordinator)

Berytech offers the right environment for entrepreneurs for the creation and development of startups and SMEs, through incubation, business support, networking, mentoring, funding and company hosting in a dynamic and vibrant environment./p>

Target group: SMEs and startups

Contact details: Berytech


NAWF is an ideal platform for open and lucid discussions of the many vital issues concerned with the evolving role of woman in Arab society, political life and business, as well as prospects and challenges achieved through the below crucial and ever-present factors.

Target group: Women looking for networking, trainings, mentoring, collaboration

Contact details: ola.rajeh@iktissad.com, NAWF


LLWB is a socio-economic, apolitical and non-religious association bringing together professional women by providing them with a platform to share experiences & challenges, develop competencies & skills and network & exchange expertise.

Target group: Women looking for networking, trainings, mentoring, collaboration

Contact details: Asma.Zein@infofort.com, LLWB


Training courses in computer and software skills and WIT’s unique Professional Development component offered Lebanese women a competitive edge in male-dominated industry and business sectors.

Target group: Women looking for Capacity building

Contact details: Asma.Zein@infofort.com, WIT

We initiative

A holistic value proposition fully dedicated to women like you, taking into account your challenges and serving your needs. It is meant to bring to you relevant and innovative products and services, and to enhance your financial and networking opportunities, as well as capacity building.

Target group: Women looking for networking, trainings, mentoring, collaboration

Contact details: Karyl.Akilian@blcbank.com, We initiative


AUF has been working with French-speaking academic partners worldwide for over fifty years supporting quality teaching accessible to all. Three main strands of activity: Coordinating French-speaking academic cooperation worldwide, supporting academic institutions, staff and students, engagement on the international scene.

Target group: Women looking for networking, trainings, mentoring, collaboration

Contact details: nathalie.bitar@auf.org, AUF


EXPAND is a consulting firm specialized in cash flow management that offers key solutions for businesses in need of business planning, guidance and management support.

Target group: Women looking for networking, trainings, mentoring, collaboration

Contact details: jade@expand-lb.com, Expand


Potential.com develops STARS, by providing practical life-long learning programs to graduates, executives and entrepreneurs. A pioneer in educational technology “EdTech” and a leading provider of blended learning solutions across emerging markets.

Target group: Women looking for local exposure and international exposure, networking, trainings, mentoring collaboration on many projects

Contact details: shadi@potential.com, Potential

UK Lebanon Tech Hub

It offers UK expertise, experience and exposure to support the growth and development of Lebanon’s promising knowledge economy. We will foster a partnership between the two countries focusing on mutual learning, exchange, and collaboration among companies in the private sector in the UK and Lebanon.

Target group: Women looking for local exposure and international exposure, networking, trainings, mentoring collaboration on many projects

Contact details: hana.barakat@uklebhub.com, UK Lebanon Tech Hub


An entrepreneurship podcast in Arabic, hosted by Andre Abi Awad, interviewing today’s most successful and inspiring Entrepreneurs to provide Energy in all its forms to Wantrepreneurs and New Entrepreneurs.

Target group: Women looking for local exposure and international exposure, networking, trainings, mentoring collaboration on many projects

Contact details: andreawad@gmail.com, Entreprenergy


INJAZ Lebanon (lL) is a non-profit non-governmental educational organization dedicated to educating youth about Work Readiness, Entrepreneurship and Financial Literacy through experiential hands on programs, to help inspire a culture of entrepreneurialism and business innovation among youth in Lebanon increasing their future economic opportunities.

Target group: Women looking for local exposure and international exposure, networking, trainings, mentoring collaboration on many projects

Contact details: fayza@injaz-lebanon.org, Injaz


Wamda is a platform of programs and networks that aims to accelerate entrepreneurship ecosystems across MENA. Our core competencies are in community development, media, research, and advisory services.

Target group: Women looking for exposure, access to mentors, connecting, visibility

Contact details: stephanie@wamda.com, Wamda

L’orient le jour

L'Orient-Le Jour is the only French-language Lebanese daily newspaper. L’Orient-Le Jour held since its creation the same democratic values, pluralism, openness towards each other and the dialogue of cultures and religions.

Target group: Women looking for exposure, visibility

Contact details: L’orient le jour

Didital Opportunity trust (DOT)

DOT is a leading international social enterprise headquartered in Canada with local operations in seven countries, including Lebanon. DOT transforms young people (DOT Interns) into leaders of change as they facilitate technology, business, and entrepreneurial learning experiences to people in their own communities.

Target group: Women looking for Capacity building

Contact details: Didital Opportunity trust (DOT)

Berytech Fund II Management

A 50 million US Dollars Beirut based Venture Capital Fund. The funds were received from major banks in Lebanon, to invest in Lebanese businesses, in the knowledge economy sector, under Circular 331 issued by the Central Bank, an initiative that has played a massive role in the activation of the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Lebanon.

Target group: Women looking for financial support, sponsorship, equity matching, equity guarantee and capacity building

Contact details: samar.hawa@berytechfund.org, Berytech Fund II Management

Insure and Match Capital

Support program in Lebanon, provides Matching Capital, Equity Guarantee as well as Technical Assistance and Support to a broad range of Qualified Early Stage Businesses (QESBs).

Target group: Women looking for financial support, sponsorship, equity matching, equity guarantee and capacity building

Contact details: ckiame@im-capital.com, Insure and Match Capital


Speed@BDD is a tech startup accelerator that strives to create an elite community for top-notch startups in Lebanon. It accepts startups at the idea and early stages, and is tasked with producing the region’s next high-growth businesses, particularly in the software, digital, and Web/mobile industries.

Target group: Women entrepreneurs looking for financial support and local exposure and international exposure, networking, mentorship, and visibility

Contact details: gracia@speedlebanon.com, Speed@BDD


Alt City Bootcamp is a startup pre-accelerator that helps entrepreneurs reach their first customer and first investment in the fastest way possible.

Target group: Women entrepreneurs who are seeking training, support, networking and mentorship to turn their ideas into viable business models.

Contact details: bootcamp@altcity.me, AltCity

The Blessing Foundation

The Blessing Foundation aims to provide women with a platform to connect the wise and experienced with the motivated and growing, creating a platform for mentor-mentee discovery and dialogue, leveraging learning from global initiatives and fostering an environment of entrepreneurship and sound business judgment.

Target group: Women in business (Women willing to provide mentoring, women entrepreneurs looking for a mentor, women with businesses looking for an outlet for their products and services.

Contact details: foundation@blessing.com.lb


The Center for Research and Innovation (CRInn) at the American University of Beirut (AUB) supports students, staff and faculty members to transform their business ideas into investment-ready businesses. CRInn works to bridge the gap between the fast-growing tech industry and academia by organizing empowering events and partnering with well-known regional/international startup support and training organizations.

Target group: AUB entrepreneurs, specifically AUB Women, who are seeking co-working space,  training programs, mentoring/coaching sessions, etc.

Contact details: crinn@aub.edu.lb, CRInn


In support of entrepreneurship development in Lebanon, the AMIDEAST Entrepreneur Institute (AEI) offers entrepreneurship training supplemented by mentoring, individual support, and management consultancy services.

Target group: entrepreneurs looking for support and training programs

Contact details: Mirna Shidrawi

Women In Tech International | WITI Sweden (Hub coordinator))

WITISweden is a chapter within Women In Tech International (WITI), an organization that celebrated 25 years 2015. Today WITI support women in tech in a broad sense, including both developers and users. Tech is part of everybody's working and business life today and women are need to take actively take part in its development. About 10 percent of the WITI members are men.

WITISweden focus on women entrepreneurs and how to lead and develop a successful business. We have a special focus on women tech startups. We are also partnering up with NFBAN, Nordic Female Business Angel Network, since women startups supported and invested in by female investors has a remarkable higher rate of success than when supported by male investors.

Target group: Women web entrepreneurs, women tech start-ups, investors

Contact details: Cathrin@cathrinfrisemo.com, LinkedIn, Twitter, Women In Tech International | WITI Sweden

Female Founders Association (Hub coordinator)

Female Founders Association aims at empowering more women to start their own company, inspire and support them on their journey through mutual exchange, mentoring, networking events and inspirational role models from across Europe.

Target group: Women Entrepreneurs

Contact details: Tanja Sternbauer, Female Founders Association

International Network of Women Entrepreneurship Ambassadors (Hub coordinator)

The International Network of Women Entrepreneurship Ambassadors continues the Polish Network of Women Entrepreneurship Ambassadors project based on the European Network of Women Entrepreneurship Ambassadors. The International Network of Women Entrepreneurship Ambassadors project brings together women that are successfully running their own businesses and are engaged in non-business social activities. Ambassadors can be an inspiration and a role model for others who wish to develop their own business or are just planning to embark on a career in operating their own company.

Target group: Women Entrepreneurs

Contact details: ambas@ambas.pl, International Network of Women Entrepreneurship Ambassadors