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Use the WeHubs Scorecard to self-assess your offer and track progress

The WeHubs scorecard is a tool made available to be freely used and applied within diverse organisational contexts into the web entrepreneurship ecosystems across Europe. The main aim is for self-assessing your own offer to attract more women and to serve your existing female clients in a more customised way.

How to use it? This is not a one-size-suits-all tool so just bear in mind:

  • Spread the word internally. The tool is not made for being an isolated exercise by some officers or staff members.
  • Analyse and learn: you have the opportunity to screen the internal state of the art in terms of how your organization is targeting women web entrepreneurs.
  • Plan the strategy. don’t stop the self-assessment: set your own targets and monitor progress in the next years.

Don’t forget to send us your feedback and get visibility as a women friendly service provider. WeHubs is willing to collect feedback about the use of the Scorecard with the purpose of further refining with hints from its community of users. In addition, we will select some successful use and implementation stories which will get visibility within the Startup Europe community as gender sensitive ecosystem stakeholders to inspire others as change agents to boost women web entrepreneurship in Europe.

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