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WeHubs creates a European community of local hubs that provide support to both business support organisations and women themselves.

Each local community gathers partners that want to address women web entrepreneurship. The Business Support Organisations are either already dedicated to women entrepreneurs or more generalists (incubators, accelerators, etc.), or specialised on supporting digital projects. WeHubs is a place where all those organisations can partner, learn, share services to better address women web entrepreneurs’ needs.

How? By associating their talents and by integrating the WeHubs community, the aforementioned organisations will be able to offer to their female clients, web entrepreneurs:

  • E-mentoring
  • European visibility - through the website and also during the network presentation at WeHubs events
  • European extension and business development - finding opportunities in foreign markets
  • European partnering - finding new potential business partners
  • European Access to finance - finding information about funds available all over Europe

The WeHubs partners will also specifically offer:

At local level, you can approach local hubs to beneficiate and share local interest:

  • Share Booths for local events
  • Share and complete services between nodes: widen offer, identify mentors/experts, relay applicants/ beneficiaries, share best practices
  • Create and develop a specific community to grow together
  • Identify and spread new role-models of Women Web Entrepreneurs
  • Gather forces to better identify and better support women entrepreneurs
  • Facilitate internationalisation and soft landing