The main aim of WeHubs is to become a European wide community of Business Support Organisations that offer or are interested in offering dedicated services to women web entrepreneurs. In that way, WeHubs mission is to encourage web entrepreneurship ecosystems in Europe to support women entrepreneurs in the digital sector.

To achieve its mission, WeHubs analyses the needs of women towards becoming web entrepreneurs and seeks to address their concerns by collaborating with existing web entrepreneurship ecosystems. At the same time, WeHubs analyses local ecosystems strengths and defines the factors required to strengthen the environment for women web entrepreneurs.

In addition, it develops a networked community of business support organisations (local nodes) that either offer or are interested in offering dedicated services to women. Through this community, WeHubs enables knowledge and experience sharing among its members who have the expertise to support female entrepreneurs and those who are interested in learning. Besides, it develops a set of services, tools and resources that aim at improving Business Support Organisations capacity to provide dedicated services to women. Such tools are: The WeHubs Women’s Entrepreneurship Scorecard, online webinars, mentoring material and videos etc.

Additionally, WeHubs aims also at supporting indirectly women web entrepreneurs by providing motivation and increase their confidence for setting up and creating successful businesses. This is achieved through the promotion of role models of successful women web entrepreneurs.