Meet Dr. Ana Abril and her project IMPRIMAKER
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Meet Dr. Ana Abril and her project IMPRIMAKER

Ana has been identified as one of the three shortlisted finalists of the WeHubs Ideas Competition. Below you can read a few things about her and her brilliant project. After all, she might be the overall winner!

Tell us a few things about you:

Dr. Ana Abril is the founder and CEO of IMPRIMAKER. She is Engineer and Doctor in Electronics. She has an extensive work experience of over 15 years in managing product development projects with a strong emphasis in innovation management, concept generation and new product development. She has worked many years as senior project manager on technology to market projects for clients all over Europe. She has strong skills on management of IT projects, operational excellence and conflict resolution at complex multidisciplinary groups. Ana speaks currently four languages: English, Spanish, French and Italian

What is IMPRIMAKER and the story behind?

Smart toys designed by you, made by us. IMPRIMAKER is an ecommerce platform of smart and educational toys. In our webapp, your children will be able to design their own toys. We will manufacture them by 3D printing and send along with different electronic kits (LEDs, sensors, switches, controllers) and the manual of instructions to allow them a very easy assembly. At the end, each child gets his own unique smart toy.

STEAM education is entering the schools and homes (STEAM=Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics). Children are being empowered as creators, not just consumers of technology. Different solutions to learn technology already exist. However, they are still quite expensive for a massive entry into the market, and most of them focus on just one technology (coding, robotics, electronics). A global solution doesn't exist yet.

IMPRIMAKER allows “for the first time“ to design, customize and 3D print smart toys in a cost effective way. We have already successfully developed online 3D modeling tools, allowing children to easily create a toy from scratch or by customization of the shape and add-ons, including smart and interactive functionalities as illumination, movement, sensors or remote communication, making possible the “Internet of Toys”.

IMPRIMAKER has already launched the Beta version of the platform and the first sales are arriving!! We are promoting IMPRIMAKER with campaigns in social media (Facebook ads, Twitter, google adworks). We are also validating the tools with children and families in workshops on events as the European Maker’s Week, Mini Maker Faire Madrid, Maker Faire Bilbao, among others. Even more, IMPRIMAKER has recently been awarded as the “Best solution on Retail and Consumer Goods” in the Call For Best Solutions award on the “IN(3D)USTRY - From Needs to Solutions” fair hold in Barcelona (Spain) last June ’16. And IMPRIMAKER is also finalist in the prize “Innohogar” organized by Ouishare in collaboration with Leroy Merlin on the “OuiShare Fest” faire hold in Barcelona (Spain) in October ’16.

That sounds great! Give us some info! Where can we find you?

Ana Abril, Ph.D.


Tel. +34 643303130

Email: ana.abril@imprimaker.com