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Alexane Rousselot, Digital Entrepreneure

How did you get your business idea?

Because of our unconditional love to the city of Lyon, we had the idea to create www.jesorsenville.com during the “Fête des Lumières” in 2013. We were searching for a bar to go out to during that weekend, and after spending quite some time on multiple websites, sadly we were not able to find a simple website that would offer the selection of places matching our expectations.

Many points had retained our attention such as poor design and user experience, too many ads, too many comments, bad user interface and lack of practicality. All this led us to think about a new website that would be innovative in terms of referring places and locations.

What was the main drive that pushed you to start your business?

When I had the idea in 2013, I was a student in Business Strategy and Entrepreneurship. I would say that first of all, it was my studies that made me want to venture in entrepreneurship …until one day I had the right idea!

From the moment I decided to go into this adventure, I never backed down, I gave everything to succeed and move forward.

A few months after our launch, we already had the support of the media and we won our first business competition: Prix Energie et Territoire des Entrepreneuriales 2014. The adventure had started!

What was your biggest fear before starting up? How did you overcome it?

I cannot really say I was afraid to start this and become an entrepreneur. I was only 21 years old, I was careless and I did not think about failure! I was determined!

It was actually after that I got scared, when I had to make important decisions. They were mainly two.

My first fear: the move of the company! We started in Besançon, the city we came from. After launching jesorsenville.com in Besançon in June 2014, everything was going fast: we had very good feedback on our website, we had many customers, but Besançon was a very small town for our business and we needed to grow to ensure our sustainability… And the solution was to move to Lyon! So we had to make the decision to leave everything: our family, our friends, my husband had to resign, and all that was in a relatively short timing! We were in Lyon after one month and half from taking our decision! It was a big bet but our courage paid off!

My second fear: the birth of our daughter! Now, I am the mother of a little girl of 8 months. So I had to manage the development of the activity but also my pregnancy! And that’s when I had the most doubts. Will I be able to succeed with the two? Can I afford to take risks? Will our activity grow enough so I can have a stable financial situation and cover my expenses?

But finally, this allowed me to step back, to make a review of the situation, to ask myself the right questions and to resume my activity with a different strategy, more solid and ambitious. This is contrary to what we might think; those were the few months where my business was the most advanced because I had more time to think about my strategy. And above all, I can say that today my daughter is my real engine: she is what motivates me to continue in this way, to never give up!

How do you describe your core business activity and what’s the key value you offer to your customer?

Jesorsenville.com is a modern and innovative referral site that which ranks ​​the cultural and entertainment institutions and serves the users an intuitive, fast and functional operation.

Beyond the fact that the visuals are well thought of, our website has a real added value. Since 2014, jesorsenville has shaken the codes of online referral sites: no advertising, no anonymous comments and relevant information in real time thanks to the usage of Facebook data.

Our website gives primary importance to the user experience; the site is modern, with good quality photos, and the classification is relevant.
From a professional standpoint, jesorsenville stands as a new communication solution for cultural institutions and outlets: we offer them the opportunity to be visible for a user community by fully controlling their image. This is what differentiates us mainly from directories like TripAdvisor or Yelp.

What’s your perception for businesses on the “web”?

The web is the future! Today, the Internet is a means of expression, communication, and this is an essential tool to evolve its business.

My business is 100% web; I could not have a different perception of this tool!

But I think it is imperative to know how to use it properly. Everything happens so fast … especially on social networks! It is important to know to control your image.

What are the key strategies you use to expand your business over the web?

Our referral site requires a strong acquisition strategy on the web: Organic referrals, Google Adwords campaigns, sponsored publications on social media, articles on the web, sharing … Today, our mode of action to boost our business is primarily our web presence.

But I think it is important not to forget the human aspect and the actual field!

What do you look when recruiting an employee?

This is still a difficult question at this point! I will probably have a better answer in few years!

We are a start-up and in our case, it is essential to have motivated employees who strongly believe in the project and are willing to become fully involved in this adventure! The road is long and we need a strong, dynamic, and creative team!

How many employees do you currently have? &how do you describe your management style?

We currently do not have employees, but when we do, I believe we will have a participative approach to management. We think that talent is our best asset and complementarity within a team is what can grow a startup.

How do you describe yourself with 3 keywords?

Ambitious, dynamic and determined.

What’s your favorite part of your business, and why?

I particularly like the personal relationships, talking about my project, defending it, exchanging, sharing with clients, other entrepreneurs, investors … The human dimension excites me and drives me every day!

These exchanges make us grow, allow us to challenge ourselves and to evolve our business! It is very rewarding!

What made you choose this type of business?

We had the idea, we implemented it! But it was already a topic that fascinated me! I grew up with the Internet, I have seen its changes, and wanted to participate in making the best user experience.

If you had one piece of advice to someone just starting out, what would it be?

You should be well surrounded from the start and you should especially be persistent! The road is long, everyone does not necessarily believe in your project, some criticisms will be hard to hear, but it will make you evolve! Long road… but exciting and shaping!

What is the value of WeHubs for her?

It is important to exchange, to relate to women who know what you are going through! This is an excellent opportunity to create a network!

How did WeHubs helped her you or is expected to help you?

Having proved itself in several cities of France, jesorsenville.com is already preparing for its international expansion. We are looking for partners who can support us and future investors for finance. In that sense, I think the community WeHubs can allow us to fulfill our ambitions!