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The following women web entrepreneurs have been identified in the framework of the WeHubs project. Here we present their stories wishing to motivate other women to start their entrepreneurial journey!

“Be brave, break the ground, not be afraid to dare and propose your innovative ideas”

Mariuccia Teroni is an expert in publishing techniques & information management. Before founding FacilityLive, she had been devoted to the testing and application of technology in projects for publishing, communication and organization of information, managing flows and complex production processes. The idea of FacilityLive came out right from her experience. She is now Chair and Founder of this Italian startup that is establishing on international markets a next generation semantic search engine with patents granted in 44 countries worldwide. FacilityLive was born as a project to create an “information and data access facilitator”, working hard to become a future global software platform in the field of information management. Mariuccia views the web as an extension of real-life marketplaces introducing new dynamics that reduce the perception of time and distance. She explains that creating this type of business wasn’t a real choice, but the result of a natural progression of her long career path.

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“I believe we have to be educated & encouraged to choose whatever activities we want to perform, regardless of any prejudices or gender specific myths.”

Marie Amigues is the Founder and CEO of Altagram a Video Game Localization & Audio Production Specialist. Marie founded her first company in the video game localization industry 9 years ago in Berlin. Together with her team, they successfully localized over 2000 video game titles for prestigious clients such as Microsoft Studios, Warner Bros, Ubisoft, etc. receiving critical acclaim for many of the localized versions. Today, Marie brings her vast experience to Altagram GmbH. With its state-of-the-art in-house recording studios and localization expert team, Altagram focuses on high-quality multilingual localization services for video games developers and publishers worldwide.

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“The excitement of creating something out of nothing outweighs any fear!”

Foteini Valeonti, 28, is the founder of USEUM and a PhD Candidate at UCL. USEUM is the first ever Crowdsourced Art Museum, which started off from Foteini’s part-time PhD studies at UCL under the title “Making Art more Accessible with Crowdsourcing”. USEUM has received £110,000 as seed-funding and in 2012 it was the 1st prize winner of the Athens Startup Weekend competition hosted by the Microsoft Innovation Center. USEUM is an online encyclopedia of Art, a digital museum of paintings and vibrant community of art lovers and artists that encourages you to explore and interact with tens of thousands of paintings from famous classic masterpieces to beautiful artworks from 2,000 contemporary artists from 105 countries around the world.

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“The success of your business is 99% perseverance.”

Tara Nehme is the founder of ticklemybrain.com, an online writing service that enhances resumes, application essays, business plans, copywriting and more. Ticklemybrain.com achieved its break-even point during its first year and more than 100K in sales. Tara was nominated for Innovative Arab Woman Entrepreneur Award and was on the cover of the Entrepreneur Levant magazine as a ‘female leader’. Tara founded Ticklemybrain.com after being showered with bad resume when she was trying to recruit someone to replace her after she decided to quit her finance job in Dubai to go to Harvard law school. She started a business advice blog that soon turned into a professional website with a 6 figure turnover. Tara links her success to the mix of her experience in finance and passion for writing.

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“The Best Way To Predict The Future Is To Create It”

Soraya is the CEO & Founder of InoCrowd.  InoCrowd aims to revolutionize the market of innovation by directly connecting businesses that want to innovate with researchers and scattered ordinary people for all the world with flair and knowledge to solve them, by a WEB 2.0 Platform, www.inocrowd.com

Since it was established in early 2011 already has more than 10.000 researchers registered on the platform, works with more than 70 national companies has more
than 250 business proposals and have more than 100 success cases of innovation, such as Volkswagen, ANA, Autoeuropa, Bosch, Melo and Soares, EGEO, Optimus, Sonae Industria, Sonae MC, Fidelidade, The Navigator Company, Celtejo among others.

Soraya was awarded several times with the best Business Idea: Movimento Milenio, CINC, Start-Up Chile, Tech Media, Eban Share Deals, Premio Femina and recently she won the best Start-Up Global award from Hewlett Packard.

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“Creative Structure – Get Your Business S** Together!”

Marie Kjær Hansen is the founder of Plan Penny, a project planning tool designed for the creative freelancer. With a background in fashion design and as a Global Business Engineer, Marie has worked as a project manager and a PM consultant for more than a decade. After work Marie spent her time in creative collaboratives: Drawing, designing and exploring creativity.

After a decade of frustrations from overly complex project management methodologies and tools, she decided to simplify the project management process and started working on Plan Penny, with the aim of creating a software tool that was designed with the visually oriented and creative minded user in focus. Simple features, easy to use and clean design. With her two co-founders she daily runs the routines of administrating and building Plan Penny.

Marie recently wrote the book “Creative Structure – Get Your Business S** Together!” which highlights the insights and learnings from doing market research for and concept development of Plan Penny.

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“A voice for homeowners”

Paula Higgins, one of the founders of the HomeOwners Alliance noticed the lack of a voice for homeowners in her job. Paula had a long career as a civil servant, working on regeneration, housing, planning and environmental issues. As part of her work she was lobbied by the hundreds of groups that represent industry. But she struggled to find anyone to put across the views and interests of the homeowners and those who aspire to own. Paula left the civil service to do something about it. The HomeOwners Alliance was born to champion and service homeowners and homebuyers, transforming government policy and industry practice. HomeOwners Alliance directly engages with government and the media by conducting independent research and publishing independent advice for the key moments in owning a home.

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“One day i had the right idea”

Alexane Rousselot is a ‘young and passionate entrepreneur’ as she likes to call herself, she likes to say that she never gives up and that she is always ready to conquer all challenges she faces.

After 4 years of entrepreneurship studies, Alexane has a strong business acumen, knowledge of economic principles and management skills and she managed to acquire the needed competencies for the creation and management of a startup. Because of her various professional experiences, she was capable of acquiring operational skills, managing her team and developing the sales process of her product.

A happy mother of a little girl, she says she learned to balance her startup adventure and her family life.

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My advice is ‘do it’ and solve a problem you understand and excites you..

Aurore Belfrage is experienced and slightly obsessive about building tech businesses, either as a cofounder or investor. She’s a news junkie, ex-scrap dealer, speechwriter & aubergine lover.

Aurore Belfrage heads up EQT Ventures’ early stage matchmaking platform Together. EQT Ventures is hybrid between a VC and a startup and invests in European technology-driven companies across all industries.

Aurore started her operational career as a scrap dealer in Stena Metall Group where she was managing director for the Czech and Italian scrap yards. Aurore recently joined EQT Ventures and heads up the matchmaking platform Together for early stage startups and angel investor’s. She co-founded the hyped global gift card startup Wrapp with Skype founder Zennström and Linkedin founder Reid Hoffman as early investors.

She lived in Saudi Arabia as a child and above and beyond being an avid aubergine craving tourist in the Middle East, North Africa and Turkey she manages a portfolio of Middle Eastern tech startups and investor clients at Busy B Ventures. 

During 2014-2015 she partnered with the current affairs site Your Middle East and hosted a successful Middle East no-nonsense road show across 9 markets about startups and the power of entrepreneurship “Saluting the Crazy and Naïve”. Check out her blog iAubergine.com

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