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WeHubs supports Business Support Organisations to adopt a gender friendly approach by offering the following services:

Participation in the first European community of BSOs dedicated to support women web entrepreneurship

WeHubs with the support of Startup Europe Initiative, links different web entrepreneurship ecosystem nodes into the First European Network for Women Web Entrepreneurs Hubs. In this way, WeHubs enables the existing web entrepreneurship ecosystem nodes to interact, collaborate and operate in synergy, in order to provide dedicated services to women.

After building our 6 initial local hubs in France, Germany, Greece, Lebanon, Norway and in the UK, we are delighted to welcome our latest hubs: Slovenia, Lithuania, Malta, Sweden, Austria. Check the map to know more about them. All existing hubs can be joined, please contact us to expand existing ones, or even better… expand the European Community and start your own Hub now!

Contact us info@wehubs.eu

We’ll be happy to have you on board!

Self-assessment support (WeHubs Scorecard)

The WeHubs Scorecard is a concrete tool to be used by business support organisations (incubators, accelerators, associations of investors etc.) within the web entrepreneurship ecosystems for self-assessing their own offer to attract more women and to serve their existing female clients in a more customized way.

Use the Scorecard to conduct the self-assessment exercise and send us your feedback to get more visibility as a women friendly service provider.

To access the WeHubs Scorecard click here.

Learning opportunities on how to make your services more women friendly

WeHubs provides a set of tools and resources for making your services friendlier to women. Those include:

WeHubs is organizing webinars aiming at encouraging mutual learning among European organisations supporting female web entrepreneurs. The sessions are free of charge and open to any participant interested in learning how to better support female entrepreneurs as part of its regular business practices or willing to set up dedicated support schemes.

WeHubs is providing a range of resources to encourage people to consider if they would be a good mentor, and to help improve the skills of existing mentors. Many people, especially women, do not realise how all the experiences they have can be of real benefit to other entrepreneurs.

WeHubs encourages and guides web entrepreneurship ecosystems to provide targeted support to women web entrepreneurs. Therefore, we provide you access to useful knowledge about good practices in supporting the development of women entrepreneurship in Europe.

To access WeHubs tools and resources click here.