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ECFI 3 – Women Entrepreneurship Session

ECFI 3 – "Women Entrepreneurship” Session – 5 November 2015, 17.00-19.00, Hamburg

Women are a wonderful potential and yet to be discovered source of successful web entrepreneurs. The “Women Entrepreneurship” session at ECFI is an opportunity for women willing to become web entrepreneur or already involved in web entrepreneurship to learn about the advantage of dedicated services and support currently put in place by the WeHubs project, and to get feedback on the main challenges and opportunities of women web entrepreneurs.

The session will also provide organisations such as FIWARE accelerators and other business support organisations information on how to attract and provide the most efficient services to women web entrepreneurs (or willing to become so). The session aims at attracting more women into web entrepreneurship and into the FIWARE accelerators, attracting women as co-founders or mentors in the emerging teams, and at articulating more accurately FIWARE’s and WeHubs' offer to women web entrepreneurs.


Welcome and introduction

Jacques Magen from InterInnov will welcome the participants, present and moderate the session.

Women web entrepreneurship: what is it about? What are the main challenges? (Laura Lecci, EBN)

Laura Lecci from EBN will provide the views of the Startup Europe “WeHubs” project on women web entrepreneurship: current situation in Europe and worldwide, actions under way to strengthen women web entrepreneurship in Europe, who should be involved and how. She will then present the results of two surveys performed by WeHubs on the main challenges for women to become web entrepreneurs, and for organizations providing services to entrepreneurs (e.g. accelerators, incubators) to adapt their services to women.

Women web entrepreneurship: a concrete experience

A successful woman web ntrepreneur will provide a concrete example of her experience in web entrepreneurship, which challenges she has faced and how she has failed and succeeded in her endeavours.

The WeHubs network of hubs – How could FIWARE accelerators benefit from WeHubs (Géraldine Quetin, InterInnov)

Géraldine Quetin from InterInnov will describe the “hubs” being set up by the WeHubs project to strengthen women web entrepreneurship all over Europe and will focus on the example of the Paris WeHub as a best practice for setting up local Hub adapted to the needs of women web entrepreneurs and to the requirements of the existing organizations providing services to entrepreneurs.

Q&A Session and Conclusions of the session

An open discussion will be held with participants in the session, including FIWARE accelerators and women who may benefit from the WeHubs services and from additional services to help them overcome the main challenges of web entrepreneurship.

To participate in the session please register at ECFI in Hamburg, Germany on 4-6 November!


Laura Lecci

Laura joined the European Business and Innovation Centre Network (EBN) in May 2012, as project manager in several EU and International framework programs, such as, INTERREG North West Europe program, LLP, CIP, FP7 and H2020. She follows and manages for EBN projects aiming at fostering innovation in bio economy sector and she coordinates the H2020 project WeHubs – the first network of women web entrepreneurs’ hubs.

M.A. graduate from the University of Trieste (Italy) in International and Diplomatic Relations, in 2011 she obtained a diploma in Cooperation and International Development at ISPI (Institute for International Politics Studies). Before joining in EBN Laura worked at the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affair , International Cooperation department and then in the Brussels liaison office of ENEA, the Italian National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development.

Géraldine Quetin

Geraldine spent 15 years in the French incubation environment: she created an incubator in Paris, developed and managed an incubator in Sophia Antipolis – France and now works since 2012 in the development of accelerators, incubators and entrepreneurship support worldwide. She previously worked in banks as credit analysis in Paris and London and in the Parisian venture capitalism affairs.

With a Master degree in Innovation and Technologies Management, she also teaches entrepreneurship and business plan in Nice and Paris Universities. Board member of various regional and national associations related to business development and incubation, she is also reservist for the French Navy as a Lieutenant.

Jacques Magen (moderator)

Jacques Magen is the founder and chairman of InterInnov, a company specialised in international innovation. He has more than 25 years of experience in international R&D and innovation all over Europe and beyond, most specifically in the field of IT and telecommunications. This includes more than 15 years in R&I collaborative programmes, both in industry and in national and regional funding public agencies. Jacques is also involved in R&I cooperation with Canada, USA and Korea. In the past couple of years he has also become involved with entrepreneurship and start-ups, in particular via the WeHubs project.

Jacques Magen is a member of the Board of the 5G Infrastructure Association, a member of the Steering Board of the NetWorld2020 European Technology Platform, and a member of the Future Internet PPP Steering Board. He is also the Chairman of the Celtic-Plus EUREKA European R&D programme in telecommunications.