D1.1 Quality assurance – Risk management plan and project management handbook

This document provide a most complete overview on the management structure and the decision-making level of the project; the financial provisions; the risk management plan and the confidentiality issues.

D1.3 Data management plan

It outlines information relating to the types of data the project will generate/collect, standards it will use, how data will be exploited and verified and how they will be preserved.

D2.1 Needs analysis ecosystems

This document provides the ground for analysis of the local ecosystems in Europe delivering actions, programs and services to web entrepreneurs with a specific focus on women web entrepreneurs needs.

D2.2 WeHubs operational framework

It presents the initial local Hubs and services, describes how the initial local Hubs were established and provides some preliminary recommendations and guidelines.

D4.1.1 Dissemination plan and progress report

This deliverable outlines the dissemination strategy of WeHubs and reports the activities that were implemented for reaching the dissemination objectives and target audiences.

D4.1.2 Dissemination plan and progress report (second version)

This deliverable is an update of D4.1.1 – dissemination strategy and progress report. It provides an overview of the implementation of the WeHubs dissemination activities to date and presents a plan for maximising project impact and sustainability through targeted dissemination activities for the second year of the project.