D1.1 Quality assurance – Risk management plan and project management handbook

This document provide a most complete overview on the management structure and the decision-making level of the project; the financial provisions; the risk management plan and the confidentiality issues.

D1.3 Data management plan

It outlines information relating to the types of data the project will generate/collect, standards it will use, how data will be exploited and verified and how they will be preserved.

D2.1 Needs analysis ecosystems

This document provides the ground for analysis of the local ecosystems in Europe delivering actions, programs and services to web entrepreneurs with a specific focus on women web entrepreneurs needs.

D2.2 WeHubs operational framework

It presents the initial local Hubs and services, describes how the initial local Hubs were established and provides some preliminary recommendations and guidelines.

D2.4 Sustainability Plan

This deliverable presents the sustainability plan of WeHubs. Based on the evaluation findings, it analyses the external and financial factors that may influence its future operation and suggest a concrete action plan to be followed after project completion in order to ensure the future development and expansion of the WeHubs community.

D2.5 WeHubs Operational Framework V2

This D2.5 “WeHubs Operational Framework” (M20) presents the characteristics and outcomes of the first local Hubs (also called WeHubs in the document) deployed within the WeHubs partners and defines the operational conditions and recommendations to start and develop a local Hub in a new location.

D2.6 WeHubs Engagement Strategy V2

This document, the D2.6 “WeHubs Engagement Strategy – 2nd version” presents the WeHubs Partnerships strategy, its specific aims and goals and plan of action for sustaining and enlarging the start-up ecosystem of Hubs, nodes and associate partners of women web-entrepreneurs in Europe.

D3.1 – Local Ecosystem events report

This D3.1 “Local Ecosystem events report” (M19) presents overview of the 6 local ecosystem events.

D3.2 Online events report

This D3.2 “online events report” gives an overview of the three webinars organized in the context if the WeHubs project. It also refers to the preparations of the fourth and last WeHubs webinar scheduled for late September 2016.

D3.3 Promotion and Dissemination events report

This deliverable intends to present an overview of the two events that took place in the framework of relevant European events during the course of the project.

D3.4 Ideas Competition report

This deliverable is linked to Task 3.5 aiming at stimulating the expression of women creativity in software design and web services. The best apps ideas developed by women (individual and in teams with a majority of women participating) will be then celebrated and awarded during the WeHubs final event. This document intends to present a description of the WeHubs Ideas Competition organisational process and rules, communication and reach out, as well as the support services accessed by winners.

D4.1.1 Dissemination plan and progress report

This deliverable outlines the dissemination strategy of WeHubs and reports the activities that were implemented for reaching the dissemination objectives and target audiences.

D4.1.2 Dissemination plan and progress report (second version)

This deliverable is an update of D4.1.1 – dissemination strategy and progress report. It provides an overview of the implementation of the WeHubs dissemination activities to date and presents a plan for maximising project impact and sustainability through targeted dissemination activities for the second year of the project.

D4.3 Guidelines and Recommendations Report

Being one of the last outcomes of the WeHubs’s 2-year lifecycle and seeking to distil the experiences of WeHubs into a set of coherent and practical recommendations which can be taken into account by policy makers and stakeholders at local, national and European level, this document is based on the actual activities undertaken during the implementation of WeHubs and addressing recommendations in a way that they can be considered as practical guide for future use and inspiration.

D4.4 Dissemination plan and progress report V2

This deliverable is an update of the D4.1 – dissemination strategy and progress report and the final version. It presents the various updates that were implemented in the dissemination strategy and tools and provides an overview of the dissemination activities that were performed to date.

D4.5 Success Stories Report V2

This deliverable outlines the four Success Stories selected during the second year of the WeHubs project lifetime. The document reports the activities that were implemented for delivering inspirational testimonials with the main aim of setting a proper role to women willing to start-up in the Web field.